Business plans and cash flow forecasts

Many businesses will need to prepare a business plan and cash flow forecast.

This may be as a result of a specific requirement of a potential lender or investor, the appraisal of a potential acquisition or simply as a regular discipline for managing the business.

We can help you produce a model of your business and, from this, develop the required plans and projections.

Your business plan will help you flesh out your idea and get a better feeling of whether you are ready to go ahead. Taking time to complete a thorough business plan before you start your business will reduce the risk of you missing something. A plan may also be required by your bank and other lenders before they offer you credit, business loans or overdraft facilities.

Having a regular review of your cash flow forecast will also enable you to:

  • see when problems are likely to occur and sort them out in advance
  • identify any potential cash shortfalls and take appropriate action
  • ensure you have sufficient cash flow before you take on any major financial commitment

Your cash flow forecast can also be vital in helping you to ensure you can achieve steady growth without overtrading.

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